Two-point Perspective 

Urban Architecture

Permanent markers & watercolor

The six grade students learned to draw with two-point perspective and designed their unique architectures

Linoleum Printmaking

Linoleum Self-Portrait

Sixth grade students drew a self-portrait then applied linoleum carving techniques to create these linoleum stamps of themselves. 

Mixed media

Miniature Gallery

Sixth grade students researched an artist of their choice then recreated the artist's masterpieces to curate these beautiful miniature art galleries. 

Tonal Still-life Drawing

Pencil & Acrylic paints

Sixth grade students studied tonal values and created still life drawings reflecting their studies


Acrylic paints & paint markers 

Inspired by Stephen Meakin's Sacred Geometry Mandalas, the sixth graders collaborated in small groups to create these radial symmetry paintings on large wooden boards. These beautiful mandalas are installed on our campus!

Fantastic Landscapes  

Colored pencils & pastel 

The sixth grade students studied Salvador Dali and the Surrealism movement. Focusing on Dali's painting, The Elephants, students created a Surrealist creature using different parts of animals and then drew out-of-this-world habitats in the background for their creatures!