Multimedia & Technology

Students learned the basic concepts of stop-motion animation. They design their characters, write a script, and create a storyboard to create a unique claymation movie on their own!

Pop Art

Tempera paint & markers

Inspired by Andy Warhol's most iconic works, 32 Campbell's Soup Cans, students created pop art paintings that represent popular culture of the 21st century. 

Pop Art Sculptures

Plaster & acrylic paint

The third grade takes Pop Art to another level with these large-scale food sculptures inspired by Claes Oldenburg. Working in groups, the students used recycled paper to construct these large sculptures. Don't they look delicious? 

One-point Perspective 


Permanent markers & watercolor

The second grade students learned to draw with one-point perspective and created these urban cityscapes that reveal their usual hangout spots!  

Urban Playscapes

Mixed media

After having an LA councilmen visit their classroom they began to consider the necessary steps to creating a public space for their local community and beyond. They first made blueprints of a park they would want to build, them they sculpted their sketches into 3D forms. The final products were sprawling park dioramas that reflected each student's style and vision through architectural elements.